Friday, May 14, 2010

My First AP Test Ever!

I just came back from my AP Human Geography test! YAY! I went back to school after the test to get cookies and laugh at everyone who still had to be there. (I wasn't even supposed to be at school...oh well.)
My test was at the park (the main park of my city; it's called Cerritos Park East), which doesn't make sense. That's like putting a jail in the middle of a meadow full of flowers! It's messed up!!!(I'm not implying that Jean Valjean is a bad person; the whole point of Les Miserables is that all people in jail aren't necessarily there because of their evilness. It's just that when I think of jails, especially jails for life sentences--if they even exist--I think of the lines "Look down, look down, you'll always be a slave/Look down, look down, you're standing in your grave" from the "Work Song" from Les Miserables: The Musical, and those lines are what are sung to Jean Valjean.)
So, anyway, I had woken up that morning thinking it was Saturday and that I had already finished the test. I was very disappointed when I found out that my taking the AP test already had just been a dream...
So, I was dropped off at the testing center.
A very important lesson to anyone taking an AP test, or the SAT I, the SAT II Subject Tests, the ACT, the PSAT, the PLAN or any other standardized test: DO NOT FORGET YOUR ID CARD!!! I forgot mine, which was odd, because I had been reminded of it yesterday. So I was freaking out, and I called my mom, and she started freaking out, too. And then she called my dad, and he started freaking out. The only person in my family who wasn't disquieted was my sister.
I had come 15 minutes early, like everyone else, and now everyone was starting to go into the large ballroom, where tables were set up for us. Now I was incredibly panicked and I stayed at the end of the line.
It was almost 8 when an adult I knew saw me and asked me what the matter was. I told her about my faulty ID card, and she said she would vouch for me, because I needed to get into the room to fill out the forms. YES! I WAS SAVED! Later, she got my wallet from my dad for me and set it on the table. I was also supposed to set my cell phone on the table. Oops.
It really did take 30 minutes to fill out everything. Not only did we have to fill our name, DOB, grade, ethnicity (why do they want our ethnicity, anyway?), and other stuff that we usually find on a test, but we also had to sign stuff that certified that we wouldn't speak about the test until 48 hours after the test. Of course, no one actually paid attention to that sort of thing. Once we were outside, the only thing we talked about was the test. Plus we got to stick the sticker with AP code unique only to us! That was the only fun part of the test. We got the sticker from the "AP Student Pack."
Then, we started the test! (Note to people who will be taking the test later: DO NOT read the rest of this post until May 16, 2010. I signed something that says that I will not discuss this test until 48 hours after...) The multiple choice wasn't so hard. It was like all the other MCs we had practiced on in class. The test must have been trying to be weird and/or cute or something because it had one analogy and two quotes that were supposed to illustrate some APHG concept.I finished the MC a little ahead of time and then checked my answers. (I wasn't allowed to go to sleep or do anything else; there were hired snitches among us who would tattle if we did.) I only got to check up until question 4 before time was called. Then we filled out a survey, and then we sealed it with a sticker!!! YAY!!! But I didn't put my seal on right, and I couldn't correct it. Awww.
Afterwards, we had a 10 minute break. We went outside into the park! I wonder if anyone there was wondering what around 100 or so teenagers were doing in the park. They might have thought we were ditching school. :D
During our break, we discussed all our test questions, and asked each other what answers we put. Then we were called back inside. When we got inside, we opened the wrap around the free response questions and then filled out some other stuff (this took about two minutes). Then we took out the green insert that had our questions and started writing in the notebook.
You would think that this booklet would be deceiving and that the questions would be super-hard, but they weren't! There were no "brown pants questions" (questions that cause one to make one's pants can guess how...) and I breezed through that section! YAY!
After the test, we walked back to our school (it's right next to the park) and into our APHG teacher's room to get COOKIES!!! Only one cookie, though. :(
Because it was 30 minutes before lunch, my friend and I wandered throughout the school. We decided to wait until lunch to get our Spanish homework. I think my other friend was going to attend the rest of her classes. I figured that it was pointless, because we had arrived during fifth period, and my fifth period was APHG, and in sixth period (English) we were watching a movie and there would only be about five people there anyway, and seventh period was Spanish, and I had enough participation points to cover for today's absence. My friend and I waited until lunch (which is after fifth period; our schedule is weird. Our first period is most school's zero period--it starts at 7:00--and so on and so forth) to get our Spanish homework, and afterward, I phoned my mom, and I went home!


  1. LOL Sana, this was hilarious! Yay for finishing the AP exam! (Do you have any more to contend with or are you finally free from them?) I love your drawings. :D

    I never took an AP test--homeschooled--but I remember when I took my GED and my ACT. My GED was not traumatizing, but with the ACT, I say this to my everloving shame, I was stumped on the very last question on the English part. When time was called, I was frozen, staring at that last question. Arggggh! I was trying to decide if cheating and filling in the bubble before the proctor came around was feasible before my inner morality won out, so I just sat there with nerdy tears brimming in my eyes. That was over three years ago and I am still ashamed! :D

    I can't wait for more blog posts from you! :)

  2. *Huge GASP*
    Science...You only live about an hour's drive away from me. OMG! We should get together sometime when we both have licenses! Wouldn't that be awesome?
    (Er...sorry for stalking, by the way, but when I say you lived near Cerritos Park East, I just KNEW you were near Whittier, which is about a good hour's drive away from me.)
    AP Human Geography--have never taken it, and never hope to. But I like your drawings!

  3. @Zella: Fortunately, that was my last AP test (I only took one AP class this year). PHEW! I'm all done now...but in June, I have an SAT II Subject Test in Chemistry.
    And thank you! I like blogs with pictures, so I figured I might as well put some in my own! (By the way, I kind of cheated in the first picture. The flowers were from Clip Art. But everything else was mine!)
    I can really relate to your ACT experience. Apparently, according to my APHG teacher, I'm supposed to skip questions, especially at the last third of the exam. But it's so hard to bring myself to do that. I successfully managed to skip three problems that I had no clue how to answer (even though I was supposed to skip more...just in case). Oh well.
    @Coffinmaker: WHOA! We really should get together sometime! I don't know when I'm getting my license (I don't even have a permit yet, even though I'm old enough--I just need to enroll in a driving school to get my white slip, I think) but hopefully I will get it by next year!
    I do live rather close to Whittier, according to Google maps, anyway. (I've never been to Whittier, I think, though I think that might be where my sixth grade camp was--before it burned down two years later...No one was hurt, though, as far as I know!) I'm about 21 minutes away!
    So you've heard of Cerritos Park East? Wow, my little city seems a bit more famous now...
    And thank you!
    I'm glad I've gotten positive feedback! Now the only problem is, will my next post live up to this post's reputation? :( I'm a little frightened...

  4. Hi Science!!!
    I absolutely love your drawings, the procrastination one is what I will be feeling in two weeks. xD
    I take AP tests through my partially-homeschool program, there were only six of us taking the test. And one my classmates fell asleep after the MC section, we had so much
    extra time. :D

    @Scott, shame on you for exhibiting stalkerish behavior! *mapquests the both of you*

    Ohhh! We're all within 2 hours from each other, I think about an hour away each. Scott's almost in the middle, just a bit further south. :D

  5. @Feathers: Wow! I was barely able to breathe before time was up for my MC! (Well, not really, but I didn't have much time...) I think that's just because I'm slow. Besides, I wasn't allowed to sleep. There were hired spies among us who would tattle.
    YES! Procrastination will save you...or he will try...
    YAY! We should meet up sometime! I'll bring cookies! :) :) Let's meet at Scott's place! *is so totally not being stalkerish*

  6. Haha Sana yes, let's! You bring the cookies, I'll bring some milk, and we'll meet at Scott's! :D
    Oh and I'm sure Psychology is easier than Human Geography, that's probably why I had extra time. On the writing portion, I needed an extra 5 minutes that I didn't have. D: The booklets sure were a pretty color though. :)

  7. not to be a stalker or anything, but OMG I LOVE YOUR BLOG, SANA! ITS SO FUNNY!
    and the pictures are HILARIOUS! :D

  8. @Hannah: If it's public, you're not stalking! :D At least that's my policy. :P And thank you! :D


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