Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Procrastinating Me + MemeGenerator = GOD SAVE US ALL

WARNING: You are about to witness some of the lamest memes ever generated through MemeGenerator. If the lameness causes your brain to melt out of your ears, then I'm sorry, but you were warned.

I wanted to procrastinate on math homework and English homework today, so I used to kill some time. First, I used a picture from one of my previous posts.

Then, I decided to look for characters from Recess, since I'm currently addicted to that show anyway, on Google Images and use those images to make other memes. I started with Spinelli.
(A note: From this point on, all of my memes are hipster memes. That's because I couldn't think of anything better. I apologize.)

Then, I used an image of Mikey to make not one, but TWO memes! 

Then, I made one for Gretchen.
(She actually doesn't have a masters in plate tectonics, but she knows enough about it to earn a masters, so...same difference.)

I then moved on to minor characters, such as Corn Chip Girl...

...and the Guru Kid.

Of course, Recess wasn't enough for me, so I used images of characters from Codename: Kids Next Door. I started with Numbuh 3.

Then, I had to do something relating to Numbuh 1's baldness, so...
Ha. Hahaha. I'm really quite the comedy queen, aren't I.
Well, now it's getting pretty late, so I'd better get to working on that math homework... (oh why oh why didn't I do it earlier...)

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Random Survey

So, the wonderful Gabi tagged me to take this survey. I might just as well do it, so here goes:

The name is Sana.  

Is your name on Blogger your name in real life? If not, what letter does your real name start with?
Nope. Well, it's not my full name. I do have a last name. And NO, I'm not telling you what it is. It's not that I don't trust you; it's just that...I don't trust you. Sorry.

Astrological sign?
I'm a LEO! And Leos are fantastically awesome! And they're also supposed to be, just as lions are the kings of the jungle (which is odd since I didn't think lions lived in the jungle), kings of mankind. I'm kind of failing at that right now. I guess I'm more of a lionskin doormat. 

Actually, the lionskin doormat representing me probably shouldn't have a mane, since I am a girl even though my upper-lip hair may trick you into believing otherwise. Oh well. 
But you never know...the doormat act may just be a facade. BECAUSE SOON, YOU WILL ALL BOW TO ME! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

If there was a huge 'Blogspot Get-Together' where all bloggers were meant to come together and meet in real-life, would you go?

Depends on who's there.

Have you ever rejected someone?
Nope. No one's ever asked me out, so there never was anyone to reject.

If so, was it harshly?
Not applicable to my situation.

Did they cry?

Have you ever tried a cigarette?

Besides, my religion doesn't allow it.

Have you ever been high? If so, on what?
Nope. Not even on sugar.

What are six things you find attractive when in the opposite gender?
Ek: Intelligence. I like smart guys. They make for interesting conversation.
Do: Maturity. But not too much that he can't enjoy childish things, like TV shows meant for the under-12 set. *cough*RecessKNDArthurCyberchaseandothers*cough*
Teen: Kindness. 
Char: A love for books. People who don't like books suck. End of story.
Panch: Sweetness. 
Che: Okay, fine, I'll be shallow...good looks.

What are five things you find extremely unattractive in the opposite gender?

Uno: Idiocy. I don't like stupid people.
Dos: Falseness. I don't like people who don't feel comfortable acting like themselves.
Tres: Immaturity. Immature guys are annoying.
Cuatro: Unkindness.
Cinco: Shallowness.

Answer only if you have a sibling: If your sibling wasn't your sibling, do you think you'd ever find him/her attractive and go out with him/her?
First of all, I'm straight. My sister's a girl, and I'm a girl. Second of all, she's five years younger than me. I'm not interested in dating an eleven-year-old. That's just plain disgusting. Thirdly, this question is disgusting.

Would you ever eat a caterpillar?
Depends. If I get to eat it covered in chocolate or ice cream, then sure! I've always wanted to try chocolate-covered bugs. 

If I have to eat it raw, then EW. 

If yes, why?

If no, why?

Would you rather kiss a random stranger on the street of the opposite gender or tickle a random stranger on the street of the opposite gender?

What is this I don't even...

Would you rather throw up on stage or fart on stage?
Seeing as my farts are quiet but really stinky, I'd prefer to fart on stage. That way, I can blame it on someone else.

Would you ever sneak out of the house at night?
Nope. I wouldn't know where to sneak to.

Do you think this survey was weird?
Just kidding. But the answer is YES.

Did you find it enjoyable?
I suppose...weird is sometimes fun. I guess.

Which five bloggers will you be tagging to take this survey as well?
Hmmm, let's see....
Have fun with the survey! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Let's Play a Game! It's Called "Guess What Changed?"

I am so pro at procrastinating. I really should be studying really hard for a math test on existence theorems that I have tomorrow, but instead, here I am playing around with the background settings on my blog. Amazing thing procrastination is, eh?

So, yeah. I changed the background, as you can probably see. It's not exactly a subtle change, you know...

What do you guys think? Do you love it? Or is it horrendous?
But seriously, you do have a choice. Seriously.

Okay, look, who are you going to believe, me or a silly little picture of me?!

This post is so short. Hmm. Oh! A good way to waste time is to watch Recess episodes. I loved that show, and I still do, and I like it even more now that I can catch all the little allusions. The episode "Schoolworld," for instance, was a complete parody of 2001: A Space Odyssey. The title of "I Will Kick No More Forever" is an obvious reference to Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce's famous line, "I will fight no more forever."

In other news, I finally have 20 followers (including myself)! YAY!

And I really should be getting back to studying math. Thus ends the shortest (or one of the shortest) posts I've ever written.

Edit: I just realized that I'm probably not following myself. If I was, why would I still have that "Follow" button on my blog when I view it signed in as me? So, I have two invisible followers. This is mysterious and AWESOME.