Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Love Not Being In P.E.!

This is my second year of not being in P.E. and I love it! I'm no longer in P.E. because I take band. Band is AWESOME! And it's a million times more awesomer than it would have been (which is a lot) because I get to take it instead of P.E.!!! YAY!!!
I do admire athletes. I don't see how they manage to actually play sports without...well, epically failing, like I always do.Of course, then after I miss the ball (most likely because I try avoiding it...), my teammates get really mad. I dislike those types of people. You don't get anything from winning! ...Okay, fine,
you do get to skip laps of running, but still. I'm not super-athletic or anything.

Actually, the part after Panel 1 never happened. It would be so awesome if it did, though! What's cooler than DINO-ROBOT HYBRIDS KILLING PEOPLE? NOTHING, THAT'S WHAT! NOTHING!!!
...Well, the killing part isn't quite so awesome. I'm not a violent person, after all...
I wish I had dino-robot hybrids. Then I could threaten people with them. And then I'd have them show up in case people don't believe. And then, if they continue, maybe I'd let the dinobots kill them a little. Just a little...but then my life would become like Macbeth, when he's haunted by the Ghost of Banquo.
*shudders* I'm worried.
I guess I won't build those dinobots, then. *sigh* They would have been so much fun...
What usually used to happen in PE, though, was something like this:
I'd cry in my mind, though.
Oh, well. At least that's over! No one yells (specifically) at me at band!!! WOOHOO! I'M FREE!!!
Except, well, when I have to face the evil TREADMILL OF DOOM!!!!


  1. Dino-Robot Hybrids? If you don't use 'em, give 'em to me!
    Or use them to crush the Treadmill of Doom. :O

  2. Go with what Scott said- use the Dino-Robot Hybrids to crush the Treadmill of Doom!!! :D

  3. LOLOLOL Ah, Sana, I empathize with your dread of P.E. For whatever reason, I was a good soccer player, but I sucked epicly at P.E. I am very clumsy and was always screwing up. I was so happy when I started homeschooling and P.E. was either walking along my driveway or fencing with fake swords with my brother. :D

    I would gladly take one of those dino-robot hybrids if you're not using it . . . ^^

  4. xD LOL this was an absolutely hilarious post, I love all of your pictures! ^_^ I haven't taken a PE class since elementary school, due to being homeschooled. Skating fufills that requirement. Which is good, because although I can skate, I can. not. run.
    I remember how it was when we picked teams in elementary- I was always last. One of those memories involves watching the softball I was supposed to be catching roll past, while I was upside-down in the middle of a spontaneous row of cartwheels. Oops.

  5. @Scott and scadoosh: Great idea! In fact, I think I shall include a picture of an epic fight between dinobots and the treadmill of DOOM!
    @zella: Here you go! *hands a dinobot over*
    @Feathers: At least you can DO cartwheels! Albeit spontaneously. :) And you can skate! I never could skate.


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