Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools!

NOTE: Because today is April Fool's Day, one of the things I say in this post after this note will be a lie. Try and guess which part of the ramblings that follow is a lie!

There's something I've always wondered. How exactly do you punctuate "April Fools!"? The holiday is called "April Fool's Day," so the phrase should probably look like this: "April Fool's"...but that makes no sense! AGH. I AM CONFUDDLED.
Anyway, DID YOU KNOW THAT...April Fool's Day started because April used to be the first month of the year, so April 1 was New Years Day. Then the pope at the time (or some other important guy) moved the start of the year to January. But old habits die hard, I guess, so some people stubbornly continued celebrating the start of the new year when April 1 came by. They were called "April Fools." People who followed the new calendar pranked these "fools" by sending them on "fool's errands."
Yes, that was a Bill Nye the Science Guy reference. Two points for you if you caught that!
In other news, I love Google so much. I've only pulled two April Fool's pranks today, both of which could not have been possible without the prankery-ness of our favorite company.
This should totally be Google's logo for today. Seriously.

It's weird...I wasn't even trying to fool my sister (well, the first time, anyway). She had wanted to know what Google's pranks were this year, so I looked it up on...well, Google...and found Chrome multi-task mode. I showed it to her. She watched the video first, and then clicked "try multitask mode." After a while, the screen looked like this:

She wasn't pleased.
I then showed her YouTube's prank, which was an advertisement for the YouTube Collection, a collection of all the YouTube videos ever made on DVD (or even VHS or older forms of videorecording for people who prefer that sort of thing). My sister was suspicious at first. 
I did tell the truth...evasively. She seemed to take it as a justification for how the prank was NOT a prank. That was odd. Obviously, she was pranked again, and, once again, she was unhappy about the situation.
Oh, I do love April Fool's Day.

FOLLOW-UP TO THE NOTE: So, I bet you all are wondering what the lie in this post was.
And if you're a cheater, you probably just scrolled all the way down here to find out the answer. Well, too bad! I know your tricks, all you cheaters out there! Scroll back up!

I'm waiting.

Okay, so now that the cheaters are gone (or maybe not, I don't care right now), I'll tell you the lie.

There was no lie!

And for you nitpickers, the note said that "one of the things I say in this post after this note will be a lie." So, no points for you if you said the note was the lie!