Monday, May 31, 2010

How Entropy Always Ends Up in My Room

(I've just taken the SAT II Chemisty--which is probably why this post is about some concepts in chemistry...but don't worry! It won't be textbook-boring--that's what textbooks are for! And, for those of you who don't know, entropy measures disorder in a chemical reaction/system. The universe likes entropy! More entropy makes delta G negative which makes a reaction spontaneous. So...this post is dedicated to ENTROPY! YAY!)

My room is consistently messy. You might think that it's because I'm lazy or sloppy, but that's not true! It's all because of entropy. He always ends up in my room.
Of course, you might be thinking, You could just kick him out! And I say, that's easier said than done. I'm just too nice! I can't say no when entropy turns up, in rags, shivering, with those eyes. Even a picture can't capture the cuteness and helplessness of those eyes...AWWWWW! Don't you just pity him? He's so cuuute! And if you manage to not pity him, then you, sir/madam, are a soulless being who is not even human!!! >:(
First I restrict him to the closet. But slowly, I allow him into other parts of my room. The problem with entropy is that he lives on chaos. He makes a place messy just by being in it. So, as he spreads out throughout the room, the mess comes with him.
Now, entropy isn't a bad guy. His circumstances just haven't been very kind to him. He was born messy. His twin brother, enthalpy, was born hot, literally! (Enthalpy is the measure of heat in a reaction.) And he's hot figuratively, too, for his many girlfriends...(That enthalpy is such a player!)
Everyone loved enthalpy. Poor entropy was always neglected. He was way too messy, so no one liked him. He used to have one good friend, Delltah Jee. But Delltah's mother didn't approve.
(Get it? When entropy (delta S) is positive, delta G becomes negative, making the reaction spontaneous!) Because of this, poor Entropy never had any friends.
Entropy's mother kept on trying to "refine" entropy, but entropy was...well, entropy, and entropy=disorganization! When entropy reached the delicate age of 10, he got a lovely birthday present: a one-way ticket to OUT OF THIS HOUSE. So he was left on the streets, begging for money.(He was under the misconception that bad spelling made him seem cuter.) No one liked entropy, though, so no one helped him. So, he decided to leave his hostile home for somewhere where people would accept him for who he was!
Along the way, he met the K girls: Cassandra "Cassie" K (Kc), Anita K (Ka), Belinda K (Kb), and Stephanie K (Ksp). Cassie was all right (she's Kc, a regular equilibrium constant), but Anita tended to be sour (she's Ka, an equilibrium constant for acids, which are sour), Belinda tended to be bitter (she's Kb, an equilibrium constant for bases), and Stephanie was quite the braggart -- she especially liked bragging about her (nonexistant) specialness (Stephanie is Ksp, which my chem teacher would call "special K," although the "sp" stood for "solubility product", so Ksp *gasp* actually wasn't that special).

Entropy told Cassie all about how no one liked him. Suddenly, Anita went off sulking, and entropy followed her because Cassie told him to (not because he wanted to be stalkerish!) but she wouldn't say why. It turned out that Anita went through a rift into a parallel universe (our universe!). Cassie claimed that the universe there would probably prefer entropy, so entropy gleefully jumped into the rift after Anita. So that's how he ended up here!
Even though the universe here LOVES entropy, not many mothers do. So, poor entropy is always chased out of children's and teenagers' rooms. My room is no exception.
I am then forced to kick entropy out, as entropy lives on chaos. But then he comes back, with those eyes, and the cycle restarts...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Love Not Being In P.E.!

This is my second year of not being in P.E. and I love it! I'm no longer in P.E. because I take band. Band is AWESOME! And it's a million times more awesomer than it would have been (which is a lot) because I get to take it instead of P.E.!!! YAY!!!
I do admire athletes. I don't see how they manage to actually play sports without...well, epically failing, like I always do.Of course, then after I miss the ball (most likely because I try avoiding it...), my teammates get really mad. I dislike those types of people. You don't get anything from winning! ...Okay, fine,
you do get to skip laps of running, but still. I'm not super-athletic or anything.

Actually, the part after Panel 1 never happened. It would be so awesome if it did, though! What's cooler than DINO-ROBOT HYBRIDS KILLING PEOPLE? NOTHING, THAT'S WHAT! NOTHING!!!
...Well, the killing part isn't quite so awesome. I'm not a violent person, after all...
I wish I had dino-robot hybrids. Then I could threaten people with them. And then I'd have them show up in case people don't believe. And then, if they continue, maybe I'd let the dinobots kill them a little. Just a little...but then my life would become like Macbeth, when he's haunted by the Ghost of Banquo.
*shudders* I'm worried.
I guess I won't build those dinobots, then. *sigh* They would have been so much fun...
What usually used to happen in PE, though, was something like this:
I'd cry in my mind, though.
Oh, well. At least that's over! No one yells (specifically) at me at band!!! WOOHOO! I'M FREE!!!
Except, well, when I have to face the evil TREADMILL OF DOOM!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

My First AP Test Ever!

I just came back from my AP Human Geography test! YAY! I went back to school after the test to get cookies and laugh at everyone who still had to be there. (I wasn't even supposed to be at school...oh well.)
My test was at the park (the main park of my city; it's called Cerritos Park East), which doesn't make sense. That's like putting a jail in the middle of a meadow full of flowers! It's messed up!!!(I'm not implying that Jean Valjean is a bad person; the whole point of Les Miserables is that all people in jail aren't necessarily there because of their evilness. It's just that when I think of jails, especially jails for life sentences--if they even exist--I think of the lines "Look down, look down, you'll always be a slave/Look down, look down, you're standing in your grave" from the "Work Song" from Les Miserables: The Musical, and those lines are what are sung to Jean Valjean.)
So, anyway, I had woken up that morning thinking it was Saturday and that I had already finished the test. I was very disappointed when I found out that my taking the AP test already had just been a dream...
So, I was dropped off at the testing center.
A very important lesson to anyone taking an AP test, or the SAT I, the SAT II Subject Tests, the ACT, the PSAT, the PLAN or any other standardized test: DO NOT FORGET YOUR ID CARD!!! I forgot mine, which was odd, because I had been reminded of it yesterday. So I was freaking out, and I called my mom, and she started freaking out, too. And then she called my dad, and he started freaking out. The only person in my family who wasn't disquieted was my sister.
I had come 15 minutes early, like everyone else, and now everyone was starting to go into the large ballroom, where tables were set up for us. Now I was incredibly panicked and I stayed at the end of the line.
It was almost 8 when an adult I knew saw me and asked me what the matter was. I told her about my faulty ID card, and she said she would vouch for me, because I needed to get into the room to fill out the forms. YES! I WAS SAVED! Later, she got my wallet from my dad for me and set it on the table. I was also supposed to set my cell phone on the table. Oops.
It really did take 30 minutes to fill out everything. Not only did we have to fill our name, DOB, grade, ethnicity (why do they want our ethnicity, anyway?), and other stuff that we usually find on a test, but we also had to sign stuff that certified that we wouldn't speak about the test until 48 hours after the test. Of course, no one actually paid attention to that sort of thing. Once we were outside, the only thing we talked about was the test. Plus we got to stick the sticker with AP code unique only to us! That was the only fun part of the test. We got the sticker from the "AP Student Pack."
Then, we started the test! (Note to people who will be taking the test later: DO NOT read the rest of this post until May 16, 2010. I signed something that says that I will not discuss this test until 48 hours after...) The multiple choice wasn't so hard. It was like all the other MCs we had practiced on in class. The test must have been trying to be weird and/or cute or something because it had one analogy and two quotes that were supposed to illustrate some APHG concept.I finished the MC a little ahead of time and then checked my answers. (I wasn't allowed to go to sleep or do anything else; there were hired snitches among us who would tattle if we did.) I only got to check up until question 4 before time was called. Then we filled out a survey, and then we sealed it with a sticker!!! YAY!!! But I didn't put my seal on right, and I couldn't correct it. Awww.
Afterwards, we had a 10 minute break. We went outside into the park! I wonder if anyone there was wondering what around 100 or so teenagers were doing in the park. They might have thought we were ditching school. :D
During our break, we discussed all our test questions, and asked each other what answers we put. Then we were called back inside. When we got inside, we opened the wrap around the free response questions and then filled out some other stuff (this took about two minutes). Then we took out the green insert that had our questions and started writing in the notebook.
You would think that this booklet would be deceiving and that the questions would be super-hard, but they weren't! There were no "brown pants questions" (questions that cause one to make one's pants can guess how...) and I breezed through that section! YAY!
After the test, we walked back to our school (it's right next to the park) and into our APHG teacher's room to get COOKIES!!! Only one cookie, though. :(
Because it was 30 minutes before lunch, my friend and I wandered throughout the school. We decided to wait until lunch to get our Spanish homework. I think my other friend was going to attend the rest of her classes. I figured that it was pointless, because we had arrived during fifth period, and my fifth period was APHG, and in sixth period (English) we were watching a movie and there would only be about five people there anyway, and seventh period was Spanish, and I had enough participation points to cover for today's absence. My friend and I waited until lunch (which is after fifth period; our schedule is weird. Our first period is most school's zero period--it starts at 7:00--and so on and so forth) to get our Spanish homework, and afterward, I phoned my mom, and I went home!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Procrastination...and GIANT SPOONS!!!

Since this is my first post, I decided to write about what we all (come on, admit it...) use the Internet for a majority of the time: procrastinating!
Procrastination...we think we hate it. I know I do sometimes. But I think procrastination is a sort of unsung hero.
Sure, it delays us, and keeps us from our work. But that's how it saves us from our work!!!

Unlike most other superheroes, though, poor procrastination doesn't manage to save people for long.
I'm not endorsing procrastination, though. You do need to get work done. It's just that I think procrastination is not all bad...though it does rob us of sleep...and lures us into its trap where we would stay, blissfully unaware of our work...
Well, procrastination isn't exactly all good, but it isn't all bad either. He's a superhero!...kind of.
Procrastination is saving me from my Spanish homework right now!
Speaking of Spanish, one question on my Spanish test was: "True or False: A sword is a big spoon." (It was in Spanish, of course...) Of course, it was false...but spoons can be weapons, too! You don't have to be pointy to be dangerous!
If two people were having a duel, and one person was using a sword and the other one was using a giant spoon, who would win? My money's on the person with the spoon.
Didn't I tell you? The spoon is mightier than the sword! YAY FOR GIANT SPOONS!
Well, my very first yakety-yak is over. I'll randomly yak soon! (Ugh...I know, that was bad. Sorry!)