Monday, May 31, 2010

How Entropy Always Ends Up in My Room

(I've just taken the SAT II Chemisty--which is probably why this post is about some concepts in chemistry...but don't worry! It won't be textbook-boring--that's what textbooks are for! And, for those of you who don't know, entropy measures disorder in a chemical reaction/system. The universe likes entropy! More entropy makes delta G negative which makes a reaction spontaneous. So...this post is dedicated to ENTROPY! YAY!)

My room is consistently messy. You might think that it's because I'm lazy or sloppy, but that's not true! It's all because of entropy. He always ends up in my room.
Of course, you might be thinking, You could just kick him out! And I say, that's easier said than done. I'm just too nice! I can't say no when entropy turns up, in rags, shivering, with those eyes. Even a picture can't capture the cuteness and helplessness of those eyes...AWWWWW! Don't you just pity him? He's so cuuute! And if you manage to not pity him, then you, sir/madam, are a soulless being who is not even human!!! >:(
First I restrict him to the closet. But slowly, I allow him into other parts of my room. The problem with entropy is that he lives on chaos. He makes a place messy just by being in it. So, as he spreads out throughout the room, the mess comes with him.
Now, entropy isn't a bad guy. His circumstances just haven't been very kind to him. He was born messy. His twin brother, enthalpy, was born hot, literally! (Enthalpy is the measure of heat in a reaction.) And he's hot figuratively, too, for his many girlfriends...(That enthalpy is such a player!)
Everyone loved enthalpy. Poor entropy was always neglected. He was way too messy, so no one liked him. He used to have one good friend, Delltah Jee. But Delltah's mother didn't approve.
(Get it? When entropy (delta S) is positive, delta G becomes negative, making the reaction spontaneous!) Because of this, poor Entropy never had any friends.
Entropy's mother kept on trying to "refine" entropy, but entropy was...well, entropy, and entropy=disorganization! When entropy reached the delicate age of 10, he got a lovely birthday present: a one-way ticket to OUT OF THIS HOUSE. So he was left on the streets, begging for money.(He was under the misconception that bad spelling made him seem cuter.) No one liked entropy, though, so no one helped him. So, he decided to leave his hostile home for somewhere where people would accept him for who he was!
Along the way, he met the K girls: Cassandra "Cassie" K (Kc), Anita K (Ka), Belinda K (Kb), and Stephanie K (Ksp). Cassie was all right (she's Kc, a regular equilibrium constant), but Anita tended to be sour (she's Ka, an equilibrium constant for acids, which are sour), Belinda tended to be bitter (she's Kb, an equilibrium constant for bases), and Stephanie was quite the braggart -- she especially liked bragging about her (nonexistant) specialness (Stephanie is Ksp, which my chem teacher would call "special K," although the "sp" stood for "solubility product", so Ksp *gasp* actually wasn't that special).

Entropy told Cassie all about how no one liked him. Suddenly, Anita went off sulking, and entropy followed her because Cassie told him to (not because he wanted to be stalkerish!) but she wouldn't say why. It turned out that Anita went through a rift into a parallel universe (our universe!). Cassie claimed that the universe there would probably prefer entropy, so entropy gleefully jumped into the rift after Anita. So that's how he ended up here!
Even though the universe here LOVES entropy, not many mothers do. So, poor entropy is always chased out of children's and teenagers' rooms. My room is no exception.
I am then forced to kick entropy out, as entropy lives on chaos. But then he comes back, with those eyes, and the cycle restarts...


  1. LOL Sana, this post is epic. :D
    That sound exactly like my room, thanks for explaining what's happening! It's just that annoying yet adorable entropy sneaking in to my room over and over, and of course I'm too nice to throw him out.
    Love the pictures, somehow that enthalpy cartoon characterizes enthalpy perfectly. :D

  2. Oh lordy! NOT MORE CHEMISTRY!
    But actually, this is pretty clever, Sana. :D
    By the way, did you know that you won an AWWWWWWWARD on my blog? I forgot to tell you, but last week on Friday you did! Hurray!

  3. Hehe This was quite funny, Sana!

    Entropy has taken over my room and couped all other forces. It's scary. ^^

  4. I have just noticed how ironic it is that I made Anita wear a bow on her head, which would make her look cuter and more innocent, even though she is the sour one...
    @Feathers: Thank you! I am glad that this post enlightened you. :)
    @Scott: Thank you! There was just too much chemistry on my mind at the time of the post...Stupid SAT Subject Tests...
    And thank you for the award! Now, I shall write the post of lies...soon.
    @Zella: Thank you! And, oh dear...entropy is very good at taking over rooms, I have found. *sigh* But you can't help feeling sorry for the guy!


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