Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm so sorry!

Hey, my beloved followers!
So, I just noticed that I haven't updated my blog since November 30, 2010! D: GRAH! I'm really, really sorry! School's been crazy, and I've had so much to do that I haven't had enough time to even finish my WIS 3.2, which I've been working on for, what, six months or so?
To appease you all, here's an update on my life so far which was going to be at the beginning of my WIS 3.2, but it was getting a little long.

Junior year is...still quite hectic. I'm doing okay, though...FOR NOW. *cue ominous music*
And October 1 was my sister's birthday. We didn't celebrate it, but we got cheesecake. I wish my sister could celebrate her birthday...
And we finally finished The Catcher in the Rye in AP Lang (official name: Advanced Placement English Language and Composition). I kind of liked the book, but got very annoyed at Holden's immaturity. I kept wanting to yell at him about his super-limited worldview. All kids are innocent and awesome, but all adults are superficial and "phony"? RIDICULOUS. Particularly because Holden acts like a "phony" himself. Practice what you preach, Holden. Well, that was one of the main points of the book, but....
I like Phoebe. Phoebe is awesome and surprisingly mature.
Holden's hypocrisy pisses me off. Particularly his hatred of profanity. It's alright to hate profanity...but Holden uses bad words on every friggin' page. He is a bad influence, I think. I'm saying "d*mn" so much more now.
I also read The Great Gatsby for English and Uncle Tom's Cabin for APUSH. Eva annoyed me. I guess it's because I cannot imagine a "perfect" six-year-old. All the six-year-olds I've ever known have either been super shy or super bratty. Ugh. I dislike toddlers/little little kids. I think 8-11 year olds are pretty cool, though. They're easy to talk to.
And for our band fundraiser, there's a New Moon board game as one of the prizes for selling 35 items. *shudder* The fundraiser guy didn't like it, either. It's there due to "popular demand." Ugh. Apparently, the fundraiser guy has family in Port Angeles, and they've been having LOTS of tourists. For a city with two-lane streets, that equals a lot of traffic.
I failed at NaNoWriMo, but I will still continue the novel. Anita's tale must not go unended! By the way, it is very much based on WIS 3.2, but some of the goddesses names are different.
And here's another picture that will be in the next WIS!
Here it is...my very first attempt at drawing a "well, crap" face! It was, ah, kind of a fail. But it was my first time drawing such a face, and on Paint, too! And you all know how uncooperative Paint can be. So...yay?
(I assure you, Priya, you don't look half as ugly in any of my other pictures! D:)
I think the beanie looks good, though. It's a pretty awesome beanie, don't you think?
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I assure you, there will be a real, actual blog post up...but as to when, who knows? The next post should be this year, though...at least...