Monday, September 17, 2012

The Best Day Ever

I don't think I've blogged in three months. I guess my New Year's resolution is blown. Well, it lasted almost half a year! That has to count for something, right?
I blame my absentee wireless mouse. It's hard enough to use Paint; how much harder would it be with only a laptop mouse? I found it when I moved to Rice, but I didn't have batteries in it, which really sucked. Then I decided to use the batteries I had from home. The problem? They were the wrong size! Finally, one of my awesome new friends gave me two AAA batteries, and the red light flashed, and I thought it was working again! But, a few hours later, the mouse wouldn't work and the light wasn't on. I gave up on it for a while, until today, when I took out the part that attached to the USB port, only to have it break because it was stuck. But then, I put the part back together!
I'd make an awesome engineer. Yep, bioengineering is the major for me!
(By the way, the USB ended up breaking permanently and so I bought a new mouse from Amazon. Amazon is my new best friend. As is Wolfram Alpha.)
Rice is an amazing university. One of my main concerns about moving so far from home was making friends. I really suck at making friends. I'm either too clingy, or too distant because I'm afraid of being too clingy. When Clingy Sana comes out to play, it's doomtime for everyone else.
(Ughhh, my Paint skills leave much to be desired.)

Luckily for me, everyone here is super friendly!
Also, I had the most amazing day yesterday. Unfortunately, one of the problems with having an awesome day is that the next days kind of suck in comparison. 
Let me show you what I mean.
Yesterday morning, I got TWO packages in the mail. I was just checking to see if my USB headphone adapter (my headphone port on my laptop doesn't work) had come in, and it did come, along with a bag from the associate (adult associated with the residential college) who had us at her house for a dinner during Orientation Week. Guess what was in the bag (along with a sweet note)?
They disappeared entirely too quickly, though. 
Later, I got a 92.5% on my Psychology 101 test that I had taken on Tuesday and I had freaked out about so much since it was the first college midterm I had ever taken. After that, I got out of chemistry lab thirty minutes early (as opposed to the last time we had a lab, when I got out ten minutes late!), and then, at seven pm, there was a birthday celebration for all the August- and September-born freshmen and new students with CAKE!
Obviously, that was a super amazing day. What else could a day that begins with COOKIES and ends with CAKE be?!
And now for the next day.
I didn't get greeted by cookies. I got greeted instead, by this:
To fully understand the gravity of this situation, one must understand that I'm supposed to be downstairs at the servery eating breakfast at 7:30, not waking up at 7:30! My first class is at 8:00! (It takes me a while to eat!)
Other than this, the day was pretty average, but compared to the awesome day I'd had before, it seemed pretty awful. But I can't have awesome days everyday, otherwise, they wouldn't be as awesome!