Tuesday, January 24, 2012

State O' Teh Union

I figure I might as well stick to ONE of my New Year's resolutions, so...TADA! Here's a new blog post! (See, now you can't say I don't update monthly. YAY!)

...Wait, why are you still here? I just promised I'd post SOMETHING at least monthly, not that these posts would be any good or anything!
HAHAHA, I kid. I would never do something like that.
Anyway, today for my civics class, I had to watch the State of the Union address. I hate that class with a fiery passion because it's so goddanged hard and it's not even counted as a honors class and I'm pretty sure my civics teacher is the Devil himself, but all that's beside the point.
The State of the Union address was actually way more interesting than I thought it would be. But then again, my expectations weren't very high.
(What happened to the irises? Well, I decided irises were too complicated for the deliberately simple style I draw in. ...Actually, I'm just too goddamned lazy to draw them. It's hard work, you know!)

I didn't give enough credit to Obama. Say what you will about him as a politician, but you have to admit that he is an AWESOME speaker. So awesome, in fact that he got a whole lot of clapping! Actually, clapping might not be such a great indicator of awesomeness. Eh. But there was a LOT of clapping. Clapping before the president was introduced, clapping after he was introduced, clapping after each major point in his speech...
Anyway, Obama has a lot of awesome ideas (of course, I could just think that they are awesome because I agree with just about all of them). I especially liked the way he wanted to "encourage teachers to be more creative, and not teach to the test"--how he is to do that was not mentioned, though. Plus he wants to give schools more resources to not lay off teachers, which is awesome. Too many good but young teachers have had to be laid off because they don't have tenure, while older and not-as-good teachers stay because they have tenure. Plus, he said he'd encourage schools to replace teachers that aren't doing a good job of educating the nation's youth. Easier said than done, I think. How can you determine who's doing a good job and who's not? It's very subjective. All the same, it's a great idea.
His idea to encourage companies to stay in the US though, seemed to be more well-defined. Tax cuts is always good encouragement. I mean, who doesn't like tax cuts? It makes sense to reward those companies that contribute to the American economy and employ the American workforce with tax cuts, though I'm not sure how his idea to tax multinational corporations would go down. I don't think Congress would approve that, but Congress kind of sucks. I understand now why it's so slow; that's how the Founding Fathers wanted it, so that radical change could be stalled.
Speaking of which, I have so much more respect for George Washington right now.

(My name is Sana, and I cannot draw badasses. Sorry, George.)
The man set so many precedents, but one of the best precedents he set was not trying to seek too much power. He had restraint and discipline. We need politicians like him. But then again, he didn't even want to be president, so no wonder we don't have politicians like him.
I feel really sorry for the presidents. They get so much heat for, well, everything. Everything is their fault. People love to forget that Congress makes decisions too because there are too many people in there to keep track of!
In any case, I think everyone should watch the State of the Union Address. That way, we can be more informed about what the president (purportedly) wants for our country and see what awesome ideas he's got before trying to bash him.
I'd add more, but it turns out I have homework, which sucks. Ah, well. 
And, I just realized this is the first post in a while that took only a day to write. Interesting. 

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