Friday, November 12, 2010

My NaNoWriMo Novel

As some of you may know, I'm writing a novel for NaNoWriMo. The working title is Cursed, and unless I can come up with a better title, I'll probably stick to that.
So...I need characters. Please go to my blog for the novel and suggest a character!
Here's the synopsis I wrote on my novel. I wrote this in five minutes, mind you, so it's not very good:
Anita seems like your average fifteen-year-old girl, and she is, except for one thing: she is cursed. Her parents tried to steal the Anvil of Crisstareenaywebdermotti, the Goddess of Health, due to the reward offered to them by Anilokalmosia, the Goddess of Seduction, Hypnotism, and Deceit, so Anita was Cursed by being named a name close to the Chosen Mortal Name of Anilokalmosia. Because of her parents' misdeed, her life is hell. Her already horrible life takes a turn for the worst when the Everyone is Special group, an anti-Cursed and anti-Blessed--the term for those lucky children blessed with the CMN of a good goddess due to their parents' piety--group, is revived, and she and some other Cursed and Blessed are captured. When she escapes with some friends, she realizes that the only way she can stop the EIS is by somehow stopping the gods' unfair punishment and reward system. Will Anita be able to stop the EIS? Or will the EIS return to dominance once again?
Wow, this post seems short. So, I'll put some random doodles/pictures that I made of characters from my book!

This may or may not have happened.
And the slight Scooby-Doo reference was absolutely necessary.

This is Jennifer, a very Cursed One indeed. She is quite evil, as you can see.
That is all for now, and possibly for this whole month. 

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