Thursday, October 28, 2010

Guess the Age!

I'm really sorry that I haven't been posting anything lately. I'M WORKING ON MY NEXT PART OF THE WIS! Of course, if you want me to post what I have right now, I'll oblige. I don't mind doing that, and it would make me feel more productive.
So, to seem productive to fill the dearth of posts for you wonderful readers, this post will have pictures of me when I was younger (I absolutely refuse to post any current pictures!) like in Jessica's baby pictures post.
And to make this different from Jessica's post and more than just younger-self pictures, you have to guess how old I was in each of these pictures! Oh yeah, and there are also only four. (There are only three younger-self pictures on my computer.) And they're not in chronological order (for obvious reasons).
The age-guessing is also partially to verify that I did not look older than my age in my younger self pictures, unlike what my sister claims. (She believes that I was a third-grader in the picture that I had taken as a SIX-YEAR-OLD! That's not one of the pictures here, by the way.)
As a bonus, you can also guess which one of these pictures is my library card picture. That shouldn't be too hard...but do not refer to age in guessing this! (I really need to update my library card picture...)
So, onto the guessing!
Ah, I remember that pair of yellow overalls. I really liked overalls back then. And they are why I will always depict my younger self in my drawings on Paint in overalls, even though I didn't get overalls until I was...well, I won't say since that will give you a hint. 

This picture was smaller, so I enlarged it, hence the blurriness. The black and white makes me feel old. Ah well.

AWWWWWWW...don't I look adorable? And so freaking smart...I'm reading a book! 
I'm such a narcissist. But...THEY'RE TRUE, AREN'T THEY? 
I look way better here than I do now, that's for certain. 

Oh, the days when I had bangs. I didn't like them, and neither did my mother, but in retrospect (I love that word), I think bangs looked pretty okay on me. I didn't like Winnie the Pooh that much, but I was apparently okay with wearing Pooh apparel. I wasn't watching Barney, either, though I stopped pretty late--at the age of eight. (That's supposed to be a hint!) And OOH! The picture's so clear!!!

So, that just about sums up this post in which half of it are pictures. What a horrifically lame post. But I'll make it up to you with my epic WIS #3.2!
Guess away!

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  1. You were so cute, Sana! I am terrible at guessing ages, though, so I am not going there. :D

    Don't feel bad about not blogging. I haven't been able to blog in over a month. :'(


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